I Want to Rise like a Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are one of the smallest birds in the world (on average, they weigh less than a nickel). Yet,

the distinct humming of their wings — their exploration through and of the world — is enough to captivate (and actually termed their name).

In fact, even with their small size, Hummingbirds can fly in the rain.

And, with or without rain, they are the only bird that can fly forward, backward, upward and downward.

My upcoming album is titled “Hummingbird”. Beginning this summer, it will release in four separate installments, combining to create a narrative that (1) showcases music as story, while also (2) seeing song as a throughway to greater meaning and connection.
When you’re flying, the sky’s not the limit.


20 May

Long Groove Chocolate Festival

Historic Long Groove, Illinois
26 May
02 June

LoG Music Festival

Springfield, IL
26 June

Union 50

Union 50, Indianapolis, IN
29 June

Bier Brewery

Indianapolis, IN
30 June


Fishers, Indiana
30 June
01 July

Indianapolis Artsgarden

Indianapolis, IN
03 July

Kacie Swierk w/ Naomi Rae

People's Brewing Company, Lafayette, IN
15 July

McHenry Fiesta Days

McHenry, IL


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